About Angela

I've been reading about, researching and experimenting with a low sugar lifestyle since mid-2012. After blogging on the topic for some time, I kick-started the Sugar Trade by running 11 workshops in 2015. At the beginning of 2016 I expanded the workshop in to an 8 week online programme in order to reach more people and have an opportunity to spend more time on the details of living a low/no sugar life. At the same time, I launched my product store, receiving a health licence from the Wellington City Council and making healthier sweet snacks for my friends and community in my own kitchen.

While writing a food blog in 2012, a previous interest in sugar returned, and I started researching. For many long evenings, I read and read, and watched and watched, about sugar; most especially Dr Robert Lustig's online seminar, "Sugar:The Bitter Truth," and David Gillespie's book “Sweet Poison.”  Later research that fitted well with what I was learning was Damon Gameau's "That Sugar Film," and Sarah Wilson's "I Quit Sugar" website. I was convinced. It was time to trade-in sugar.

I have two small children who have travelled the low sugar journey with me. They like to remind me about the problems with sugar occasionally, and they also like to challenge me when I try to keep it out of the house. They have a weakness for icecream in summertime, and lollipops whenever they cross their path. Mostly, we don't eat sugar. Occasionally, we do!



The Sugar Trade is located at 14 Collins Avenue, Linden, Wellington 5028, New Zealand.