Trade-in sugar and live a sweet sugar-free life.

The Sugar Trade can help you live a no/low-sugar lifestyle via its 8 week online programme. Join us to learn how to happily drop the sugar from your life, find healthier alternatives, feed the family well and manage in a sugar soaked world.

The Sugar Trade also sells products for your lunchboxes, pantry and parties. Our snacks and cakes are sweetened with fructose-free sugar alternatives, as well as fruit and 85-90% chocolate. We also love to use nuts, oats, nutritious flours, coconut, fewer carbs and more fats wherever we can. Products are available for delivery in the Wellington region.

Sugar Trade Workshops are a briefer, one-evening version of our online programme. Gather a group of friends in your home in the Wellington region for an evening of conversation and supper. Daytime workshops and smaller sessions tailored towards new mums are also available.